The Canadian Therapeutic Platform Trial for 
Multidomain Interventions to Prevent Dementia

Who is This Study For?

This study is for Canadians between 60-85 who are concerned about their risk of dementia and want to learn how to make changes to help lower that risk.

Some factors that may increase your risk of developing dementia are:

  • Having a first degree relative (parent, sibling, or child) who has/had dementia

  • Having an inactive lifestyle now or in the past

  • Having high blood pressure now or in the past

  • Having high cholesterol now or in the past

  • Having a high body mass index (BMI)

We are looking for participants who have one or more of the above risk factors who have not been diagnosed with dementia (Alzheimer disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia).  You may be eligible to enroll if you have been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).


What Would I Learn?

As part of the study, you will enroll in Brain Health PRO, which is an online educational program that will teach you about lifestyle changes that may help lower your risk of dementia.  

You will learn about changes you can make to your diet, exercise, sleep, social activities and more to help improve your brain health.

The program will be personalized to target your brain health needs and your interests, and you will see how lifestyle changes may affect your risk profile throughout the study.

In addition to helping you improve your brain health, you will be helping Canadian researchers learn if Brain Health PRO is a good way to engage with the wider population of older adults to help them make lifestyle choices that will promote brain health. 

What would I have to do?

Participation in the pilot study will be over 5 months, and will be completed mostly from your home, with one optional in-person visit to the clinic.

Throughout the study you will be asked to complete:


  • Tests of memory and thinking, questionnaires, and a brief neurological exam.

  • Wearing a wristband to track activity and a sensor headband to track your sleep.

  • Participating in the online Brain Health Pro and completing brief online tests of memory and thinking.

  • Saliva sample.

Following the pilot study, there will be a larger study with more sites across Canada.

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Brain Health PRO Learning Modules

Brain Health Overview

Physical Activity

Cognitively Stimulating Activities


The Following Sites Are Participating in the Pilot Study, Starting November 2021:

University of British Columbia

Site Principal Investigator:

Dr. Haakon Nygaard

Contact: Penny Slack


Phone: 604-822-6379

UofT Logo.jpg
University of Toronto/Baycrest

Site Principal Investigators: 

Dr. Howard Chertkow

Dr. Nicole Anderson

Contact: Mariam Sidrak


Phone: 416-785-2500 x3435

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Horizon_Logo_RGB (1).png
University of New Brunswick

Site Principal Investigators:

Dr. Pam Jarrett

Dr Chris McGibbon 

Contact: Chris Pauley



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Social and Psychological Health

Vascular Health

Vision and Hearing

Outdoors Yoga Class

Funding and Support

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This study is part of CAN-THUMBS UP which falls under the umbrella of CCNA, a research organization funded by the Government of Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and other partners. This is a not for profit, academic study.


Notez que, pour la période d’essai du programme, ce site est disponible uniquement en anglais. Lorsque le programme final sera lancé, le site sera entièrement disponible en français et en anglais.